What’s in those pies?

We’ve been adjusting our pie recipes (sorry Nan) for the last six or seven weeks. It’s much harder cooking in large quantities than you’d imagine but we are definitely getting there; 4.9/5 stars on Facebook Reviews so far.

After doubling the amount of red wine and porcini mushrooms, playing with the herbs and spices we went back to the start and looked at our stock. 

We now have a Nanna Kerr’s Master Stock that is over a hundred hours cooking. It’s nothing in comparison to some of the ancient Chinese master stocks in existence which are thought to many hundreds of years cooking. Maybe Matty and I will pass down our master stock to the next generation of Kerrs someday.

Each week we top up the master stock with an eighteen hour beef stock having taken enough from the master pot to make the steak pies, vegemite gravy and jus’ that we need for service.

The flavour just keeps getting better and better and thanks to Hunter Natural we know that the meaty beef bones full of marrow that we roast as the main ingredient together with all the beautiful organic vegetables that get added to round it out make it wonderfully nutritious too.

So if you find yourself in the Hunter Valley and fancy visiting a Lovedale winery then pop into Emma’s Cottage Vineyard and taste the awarding winning Rose. 

If you are ordering the Steak Pie or Pa’s House Movers Dinner then we’d recommend a Hunter Shiraz 😜

See you at Nanna Kerr’s Kitchen for breakfast, lunch or dinner soon.

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