Our next project…

Think of something that you’d really like to do… Now do it. 
What… You’re still procrastinating, thinking about reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t and generally making excuses to yourself.
Is life really all that fun or fulfilling standing in the space of fear and inaction.

Try doing instead…

Matty and I have been talking about our next business idea for the last few months and a couple of days ago we committed to it by creating a crowd funding project; Kerr’s Organic Day Spa & Retreat.


We are going to create a place that celebrates everything that the fast growing Australian organics industry has to offer.

A place where people can learn first hand about the benefits of chemical-free organic choices for food, drink and living.

It’s an experiential place where you can come to simply relax and unwind against a context of improved ongoing health for yourself, your family and our community.

It’s a connecting place where individuals, families and groups (school, community and corporates) come to immerse themselves in practical activities and therapies to allow them to make healthier life choices and have fun at the same time.

Are you committed to chemical free living? Would you like to see an environmentally friendly, sustainable development in The Hunter Valley, one that embraces nature, organic living, health, wellness, education and community?

Would you like to be part of this journey? We would so love you to be.

Join us as we turn dreams into reality and provide the world with something close to magical.


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