Nan’s Got A Secret



Make sure you are on Nan’s Birthday List for information about some very special opening events.

We won’t be announcing the new location for at least another couple of weeks but we have been working with our Kitchen Team to come up with a special menu.


  • House Granola with Udder Farm Yoghurt & Fresh Berries $12 (GF)
  • Morpeth Sourdough Toast with Homemade Condiments $7
  • Homemade Baked Beans with Mint & Tomato Salsa & Sourdough (Vegan) $19
  • Homemade Ham Hock Baked Beans with Peas 3 Ways & Sourdough – Snow Pea Shoots, Pea Puree & Pea Granita $23
  • Pa’s Veggie Patch Platter – Roast & Pickled Vegetables, Housemade Pestos, Onion Marmalade, Bread & Crackers $25
    • add two local cheeses $10
    • add two locally cured meats $10

Looking more like lunch…

Choice of toasted sandwiches on Morpeth Sourdough with slaw & OMG Potatoes $19

  • Hippy Picnic – the chef raided the veggie patch and worked his magic (Vegan)
  • Biodynamic Beef Reuben – with homemade Russian dressing, house pickles & Hunter Gold Cheese
  • Spiced Lamb Kofta with Pea & Mint Mayo 
  • Falafel with Salsa, Organic Leaves & Organic Leaves
  • Nan’s Roast Dinner (ask about today’s special)
  • Oooh Exotic Ramen Bun with Jimmy’s Home Grown Chillies

A selection of almost all organic goodies

  • Arancini Balls with homemade aioli $16
    • 3x Pumpkin & Goat’s Cheese
    • 3x Beetroot & Feta
    • 3x Pea & Pancetta 
  • Nan’s Spicy Fishcake with Crispy Quinoa Shell $23
    • coriander slaw, lime aioli & lime wedges
  • Jimmy’s Egg Plant Lasagne (Vegan) $25
    • with organic leaves & tomato salad
  • Nonna’s Lip Smacking Lasagne (GF) $25
    • with organic leaves & tomato salad
  • Nan’s Sausage Rolls $23
    • with fennel slaw and two day tomato chutney
  • Pulled Pork Croquettes $23
  • Raw Spring Rolls $17 (Vegan)
  • Beetroot Doughnuts & Not Sour Cream $17 (Vegan)
  • Salad of the Day $23 (Vegan)
    • add poached chicken or smoked salmon +$5
  • Morpeth Sourdough Garlic Bread $11
  • Local Cheese Platter with Pickled Veggies $25
  • Chicken Liver & Love Pate with Pickled Veggies $15

Dessert fridge – all $11; with heaps of delicious choices whether you love cream and butter and cake or are of the raw and vegan persuasion. 

Nan’s Super-indulgent Afternoon Tea

afternoon tea

Warning… it’s Nanna size portions

$35 per person Traditional Tea includes

  1. Salmon & Cucumber on 5-seed sourdough
  2. Ham, Tomato & Mustard on white sourdough
  3. Nan’s Sausage Rolls & Two-Day Tomato Chutney
  4. Freshly Baked Lemonade Scones with Homemade Condiments & Udder Farm Cream
  5. Nan’s Wattle Seed & Walnut Chocolate Brownie
  6. Mini Cheesecake
  7. Mini Dessert of the Day
  8. Choice of tea or coffee
  9. Glass of Bonics Sparkling Blanc de Blanc





Fresh raspberry cake

Can you believe it’s sugar-free and vegan

$35 per person Healthy, Hippy & Happy Tea includes (100% organic, vegan, gluten, dairy and sugar free)

  1. Zucchini Fritters with ‘Not Sour Cream’
  2. Roast Capsicum Pesto with Crudites
  3. Mini Quinoa & Roast Vegetable Wraps
  4. Gluten Free Scones with Coconut Cream & Fresh Fruit
  5. Not Chocolate Brownie
  6. Mini Chia Pudding
  7. Raw Cheesecake
  8. Choice of tea or coffee (almond, rice or soy milk available)
  9. Glass of Bonics Sparkling Blanc de Blanc

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