Nanna Kerr’s Kitchen is #madewithlove


It was a sunny weekend in June 2015 when Matty and I stumbled across Emma’s Cottage Vineyard for the second time in our lives; as we pulled into the gravel driveway we looked at each other and realised we’d been here before. We were in the Hunter Valley with Mr Sheffield, the puppy, for a relaxing weekend away from the noise of Sydney and a big conversation about the future.

I’d just resigned from my career in corporate and was thinking about what to do next. Ever since meeting we’d talked, like many couples, about what we would do when we were rich and retired; our dream was to set-up a mostly organic family restaurant and live in a big house in the country with lots of pets.

A dear friend of mine shared a life lesson with me recently “if you push a door and it opens, walk in; if the way only way in is through a window, walk away”.

The restaurant at Emma’s Cottage was up for sale! After an extended tasting at the cellar door with the owner of Emma’s Cottage, Therese and her puppy Belle, we were confronted with a very open door. We left the vineyard and returned to our hotel. Nothing was said that evening about the possibility that had just presented itself.

We’d visited the restaurant for a boozy dinner with friends on a wine tasting weekend in October 2014 and had a really fun night.

The next morning we woke up and began the journey home to our tiny apartment in Sydney and Matty said to me just as we were leaving the Hunter region “so what do you want to do?” my response was “I think I want to do it.” He said “Me too”.

By the following weekend we’d had our offer on the restaurant accepted, appointed a lawyer to act on our behalf and committed to taking over operations in just six weeks time.

This time next month we will be given the keys to our new life… The adventure begins!

Emma's Cottage Vineyard at dawn

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  1. Hi Guys, so happy for you both, and a big congratulations on your up coming venture.I wish you both every success.It sounds awesome.

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