Mostly Organic & #madewithlove

Stripey Beets from Little Hill Farm grown next to where our chooks roam

Stripey Beets from Little Hill Farm grown next to where our chooks roam

It’s now mid way through service in week three and the sausage rolls are just out of the oven for the lunch rush and I’m sitting down with a glass of Parker’s Blood Orange sparkling and thinking about where we’ve got to already. We’ve served about 600 people and for the most part the review on TripAdvisor and Facebook are good.

We are meeting lots of locals keen to see what we are up to and the weekend visitors from Sydney, Newcastle and elsewhere are pleased to be finding country food in the country.

At Nanna Kerr’s we are mostly organic and #madewithlove; but what does that actually mean for the food?

Why eat organic? Simply put you get one body…so look after it. The fuel that we put in our bodies feeds our physical and emotional well-being so why cut corners, take risks or accept crap.

Organic, especially certified organic foods, are shown in study after study to provide a better source of vitamins and nutrients, be free from neurotoxins and are free from pesticides. If something says poison on the packet it shouldn’t be going anywhere near food production!

Oh and did I mention organic tastes a million times better too. Someone commented on ‘what we did to our greens‘ to get them to taste so good last weekend, my response was nothing but rain water and salt; they are 100% certified organic and taste the way the vegetables are meant to taste if left alone.

Here’s 15 reasons why it’s better to go organic.

We are working with as many local farms, certified or working to certified and biodynamic principles, as we possible can and sourcing our wines from organic wineries such as Tamburlaine, Macquariedale, Krinklewood and of course Miranda’s favourite Bonics.


Everything tastes better when it’s made with love. Everyone on the Nanna Kerr’s Team loves what they do every day; born to cook and entertain.

Our food is based on traditional family recipes, from your Nan or Mum’s kitchen, sometimes with a modern and occasionally an elegant twist.

Our food won’t look the same every time we plate up because organic food ain’t like that – our greens are about what’s fresh and available from the market, our potatoes aren’t sorted into matching sizes and free from blemishes. our chickens are huge and run around and our cows are fed on grass on fields.

Our veggies will never be consistent; this week we got some stripey beetroot (12 bunches) so the first diners tonight will get them and the beetroot tops in garlic butter and when we run out we will move onto the turnips roasted with a little nutmeg.

If you want artificial perfection there is a Maccas in Cessnock. If you want hand cut chips, homemade sausage meat in your sausage rolls and roast chicken the way it’s meant to be then you are welcome at Nanna Kerr’s where it’s made with love and the best produce that we can get our hands on.

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