More $100 Dinners for $9

Four more dates just released…


And here’s how we do it.

Tonight is the first dinner and every place setting will have this message and menu;

Hello & Welcome to Nanna Kerr’s Kitchen,

And thank you for coming along to tonight’s $100 Dinner for $9.

There are 56 guests booked in this evening and the challenge for Jimmy, one of the owners, is to cook the whole meal for under $100 and not disappoint you!

We only open in the evenings for Special Events and Private Functions (you can have the whole place to yourself for a celebration with a minimum of just 12 guests).

Recently we’ve been having some fun with our special events – you might have seen the $1 Vegan Gluten-Free Dinner; a lot of what we do here is vegan and gluten-free so we wanted to encourage people to give ‘that’ food a whirl. So far more than 100 guests have been along and really LOVED it. Make sure you are on our mailing list and follow us on Facebook so that you know when the next date is released.

We’ve got Drag Bingo, All You Can Eat Pasta and Thai Banquets coming up so grab a calendar and book yourself in.

On tonight’s menu you’ll be experiencing…

Caramelised Onion Tart with Beetroot Carpaccio & Macadamia Feta

Little Hill Farm Chicken Risotto with Marinated Mushrooms,

Crispy Kale, Roast Carrots & Candied Fennel

Dirty Chai SemiFreddo with Berry Compote & Toasted Nuts

If you’re drinking wine this evening we’d recommend a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc if you like white or a Pinot Noir or Merlot if you prefer red – or a bottle of all four if you aren’t driving home.

Have a great night xxxx

Oh and the total food bill was $156. So Jimmy failed on at least one target.

If you are not disappointed then please do tell TripAdvisor just how happy you are…