Lunch from 15th September

Roast Radish Salad

Spring is certainly in the air and the vines are bursting with life. Such an exciting time to be in the Hunter Valley.

Here’s the menu for the next few days…

This weekend’s Pie is Hunter Natural Beef with Red Wine, Mushroom & Thyme with Salad & Coleslaw.

* Seared Scallops with Caramelised Black Pudding & Cauliflower Purée 22

* Tree Frog Soup with Spinach, Zucchini & Broccoli, Sourdough Toast, Cashew Cheese & Organic Salad (Vegan) 19

* Roast Radish, Pumpkin, Mushroom with Snow Pea Tendrils & Crispy Kale Salad 19

* Pressed Lamb Roulette with Textures of Carrot 29

* Vegetable & Tofu Burger, Housemade Relish and OMG Potatoes (V) 26

* Penne Pasta with Chorizo, Baby Tomatoes, Mushroom & Spinach, Parmesan 26

And don’t forget to order sides…

* Aunty Jane’s OMG Potatoes 9

* Warm Ciabatta Bread (Vegan) with Veggie Dip, Olive oil & Balsamic, Dukkah 12

And of course we are serving all the usual favourites too…

* Pa’s Pork & Fennel Sausage Roll Homemade with Nan’s special Spicy Tomato Relish 16

* Jimmy’s Chicken Liver & Love Pâté With Sesame Dukkah & Lavosh (GF Available) 17

* Homemade Arancini – 6 (V) With Aioli & Greens – Herb & Parmesan 18

* Vegetable Terrine (Vegan, GF) With Herb Salad & Homemade Gluten Free Crackers 15

* Matty’s Marvellous Cheesy Beef Burger With Confit Beetroot, Organic Leaves, Aioli & OMG Potatoes 26

* Miranda’s Pie of the Day With Seasonal Salad & Slaw 27

See you in the kitchen xxx

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