Competition time…


Help these dispensers become less ugly…

In the last 12 months we’ve used just over 20,000 paper napkins!

Yesterday we had a staff training and team building day and revealed that we would be switching from white bleached paper napkins on the tables to napkin dispensers on the tables containing unbleached brown napkins. This move will save us at least 5,000 napkins a year if we are the same amount of busy. The new brown napkins are also smaller and therefore use less materials, less chemicals and less water in their manufacturing process.

The napkin dispensers are no where near as ‘posh’ as the white napkins on the table but we think our customers will understand as they are much much kinder for our planet.

However, the dispensers are pretty ugly!

So our Sous Chef Davey came up with a great idea today and that is to get customers to design a laminate coating for all the dispensers.

Simply email your design to us – can be a photo, graphic, an image you googled and we will pick a winner or winners at the end of October.

Anyone whose design ends up on a dispenser will win a High Tea for 2 with Organic Bubbles valued at $110.

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