Competition time…


Help these dispensers become less ugly…

In the last 12 months we’ve used just over 20,000 paper napkins!

Yesterday we had a staff training and team building day and revealed that we would be switching from white bleached paper napkins on the tables to napkin dispensers on the tables containing unbleached brown napkins. This move will save us at least 5,000 napkins a year if we are the same amount of busy. The new brown napkins are also smaller and therefore use less materials, less chemicals and less water in their manufacturing process.

The napkin dispensers are no where near as ‘posh’ as the white napkins on the table but we think our customers will understand as they are much much kinder for our planet.

However, the dispensers are pretty ugly!

So our Sous Chef Davey came up with a great idea today and that is to get customers to design a laminate coating for all the dispensers.

Simply email your design to us – can be a photo, graphic, an image you googled and we will pick a winner or winners at the end of October.

Anyone whose design ends up on a dispenser will win a High Tea for 2 with Organic Bubbles valued at $110.

Nan’s Private Dining

Metal Reserve Signboard

Ever wanted an entire restaurant to yourself for your friends, family or work colleagues… for a that ‘celebrity’ experience?

Well now you can!

Nanna Kerr’s Kitchen is available for Private Dining experiences everyday of the year.

It’s a fixed price of $70 per person which includes custom canapés and 4 Tasting Courses designed with you by our Chefs.

We have an extensive wine list with plenty of Vegan options along with beer and cider on tap, cocktails and organic sparkling soft drinks. Unlimited Vestal sparkling and chilled filtered water is also included.

This week we are hosting a Vegan’s Birthday Party for 14 guests and a Corporate Leadership Team Getaway Dinner.

Every private dining experience is created with the special guest or owner of the event in mind.

For our Vegan Birthday we created almost every dish as a Vegan dish so that the Birthday boy is the main focus and then added an appropriate protein for the 12 of 14 guests that enjoy meat and fish.


  • Fennel Arancini with Raw Aioli
  • Stuffed Cherry Tomato with Hazelnut Pesto
  • Cauliflower Soup Shots
  • Chicken Terrine en Croute

4 Course Tasting Menu

  • Raw Yellow Squash & Cashews with Crispy Sweet Potato Curls or Caramelised Chorizo
  • Vegan Bouillabaisse, Rouille with Puffed Tofu or Blue Swimmer Crab
  • Stuffed Roast Zucchini with Beetroot & Walnuts on Carrot Purée with Thyme Baked Mushroom or Shredded Turmeric Chicken
  • Vegan Sticky Date with Ginger & Coconut Sauce

For our corporate friends we’ve gone for some classic flavour combinations with a Nanna Kerr’s twist.


  • Confit Duck with Pickled Cucumber & Abbey’s Chilli Jam
  • Broccoli & Blue Cheese Soup Shots
  • Baby Meatballs with Housemade Tomato Chutney
  • Herb & Parmesan Arancini

4 Course Tasting Menu

  • Blue Swimmer Crab with Prawn Bisque & Fennel
  • Crispy Pork Belly with Black Pudding & Creamy Parsnip Mash
  • Little Hill Farm Chicken Roulette with Spinach Puree, Almond Quinoa
  • Chocolate Fondant with Berry Compote & Udder Farm Cream

Whether you are celebrating a wedding, engagement, special birthday, new baby, divorce, Christmas Party or corporate something or other the Nanna Kerr’s team will make sure you have the perfect evening.

All we ask is that you have a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 50 guests.

Nothing But Nature


It’s Spring and it’s Australian Organic Awareness Month!

DID YOU KNOW? Products that claim ‘organic’ aren’t necessarily organic? Unless a product bears a certified organic logo, like the Australian Certified Organic “Bud” logo, there’s no way of guaranteeing its authenticity.

Now whilst not absolutely everything we serve at Nanna Kerr’s Kitchen is certified organic we do our absolute best to source organic, clean produce whenever we can and try to keep our ‘food miles’ to a minimum in the process.

JOIN US as we celebrate the annual Australian Organic Awareness Month (AOAM) – Australia’s largest national campaign celebrating certified organic products, across a diverse range of industries, including fresh produce, packaged food and beverages, skincare, cosmetics, textiles, pet food and more!

It’s all about raising awareness and protecting the interest of the consumer, so our message for consumers is to look for a certified organic logo when you’re shopping – like ACO’s Bud logo – because that’s the only way to guarantee a product is truly organic.

You can start with something small like changing your detergent, toothpaste, milk or veggies to organic – notice the difference and then begin the transition to living as organically and cleanly as you can.

Make the switch easy and start with Organic Wine!


Our mates at Macquariedale have created a very special wine; “Nothing But Grapes”, a blend of 90% Shiraz and 10% Merlot from their well balanced Certified Biodynamic vineyards in the Hunter Valley.

NO added Preservatives (sulphur 220)

NO added “designer” yeasts (fermented using wild vineyard yeast)

NO added yeast nutrients or settling enzymes

NO added acid (tartaric or citric)

NO added bacteria for malolactic fermentation

NO fining agents use – Vegan suitable

Minimal filtration.

Throughout September you can purchase a bottle of Nothing But Grapes for just $35 a bottle when you spend $100 or more on food.

This September choose one item in your household to convert to certified organic, and notice the difference. Upload your pic and tag us in on Facebook and Instagram (@kerrsorganic @nannakerrs @australianorganic)

Join our Health and Wellness Revolution

Shop Organic for yourself, your family

and your home now at


One Night, Two (or more) Glasses, Three Boys

That time has come.. It’s Jimmy and Matty in the kitchen with matched wines from the Hunter’s very own Daniel Binet – the young guns of the Hunter join forces!

Daniel Binet and his art

Daniel Binet and his art

Our next Winemaker’s Dinner is Saturday 7th of October at 6.45pm.

We will start with canapés and drinks on the balcony and then inside for a local, organic feast with wines from Dan’s eponymous label Domaine de Binet and his more classical joint-venture label Ballabourneen.

The menu looks a little something like this…

House Smoked Tasmanian Salmon & Chive Cream
Tomato, Basil & Parmesan Arancini
Five Courses
Aussie Blue Swimmer Crab
fennel, lemon, chilli
Three Local Cheeses
twice baked
Little Hill Farm Chicken
tarragon, carrot, quinoa
Hunter Natural Lamb
almonds, rosemary, potatoes
Chocolate Pot Plants
white & dark chocolate, honeycomb, mint

Matty & Jimmy Kerr are taking over the kitchen for the night whilst the Chefs have a holiday

$109 per person
All Dietary Requirements catered for on request

Tickets are available now

Father’s Day Fabulous


As well as Breakfast, Lunch & High Tea from 9am – seven days a week this weekend is Father’s Day and we’ve got two fabulous events for you to choose from…

If Dad is in need of a night out and something a little bit fancy then on Saturday Night we have a Winemaker’s Dinner featuring Macquariedale Organic Wines, canapes and five courses for just $109 per person including wines. The evening starts at 6.45pm and finishes up just after 10pm.

  • Parmesan & Chive Panna Cotta with Confit Beetroot and Micro Herb Salad
  • Cured Duck Breast, Tomato Tartare & Caramelised Onion Tartlet
  • Pressed Lamb Roulette with Textures of Carrot
  • Crispy Pork Belly with Sauteed Cabbage & Pineapple Salsa
  • Deconstructed Apple & Rhubarb Crumble with Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream

If you have any dietary requirements please let us know when you book – we love to cater for gluten-free, vegetarians & vegans.

Book now for Saturday Night…

September Winemakers Dinner

2nd September 2017 at Nanna Kerr's Kitchen - from 6.45pm Canapes, Wines and 5 Courses



Family Favourites Lunch…

Or if you are looking for something super casual on Sunday for lunch we have family time and have designed a menu with everyone in mind… Adults at $59 and Children at $29 served from midday to last orders at 3pm.

Mixed Entree Platter

  • Soup Shots
  • Homemade Pumpkin Arancini
  • Sausage Rolls

Choice of Mains

  • Curried Lamb Pie
  • Caramelised Pork Belly with Grilled Apple
  • Beef Brisket Burger with Grilled Haloumi
  • Stuffed Zucchini with Carrot Puree

Family Dessert Platter

  • Apple & Pear Crumble
  • Sticky Date Pudding
  • served with Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream

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Dinner with Macquariedale – 2nd Sep 2017


Ross McDonald eyes off a delicious glass of his biodynamic Shiraz

Saturday 2nd September is the next Winemakers Dinner with Ross McDonald and a beautiful selection from the cellars at Macquariedale Organic Wines.

Wines will be matched with the following…

  • Parmesan & Chive Panna Cotta with Confit Beetroot and Micro Herb Salad
  • Cured Duck Breast, Tomato Tartare & Caramelised Onion Tartlet
  • Pressed Lamb Roulette with Textures of Carrot
  • Crispy Pork Belly with Sauteed Cabbage & Pineapple Salsa
  • Deconstructed Apple & Rhubarb Crumble with Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream

If you have any dietary requirements please let us know when you book – we love to cater for gluten-free, vegetarians & vegans.

September Winemakers Dinner

2nd September 2017 at Nanna Kerr's Kitchen - from 6.45pm Canapes, Wines and 5 Courses


Life without hangovers (and chemicals)


Whether is going on your skin or into your body we believe in chemical free living… get educated and empowered

At Nanna Kerr’s Kitchen we are as organic as we can be… sometimes the price of non-seasonal organic produce is simply too high (because there aren’t enough organic farmers) or we simply can’t get hold of anything grown in Australia so we need to look elsewhere.

We buy as much produce as we can from local growers and farmers who are using organic principles and minimal pesticides and herbicides on their properties.

Our wine list celebrates organic winemaking in the Hunter Valley so we thought we tell you a bit more about it and why it’s so important

Key benefits of organic wine

  1. Sustainable Farming
    • organic farms just as productive and far more sustainable than non-organic. Many agrichemical sprays leave residues in the plants and fruit as well as in the surrounding environment and groundwater. Farms that don’t use agrichemicals don’t create these often unseen problems or unintended consequences.
  2. Biological Soil Health
    • Biological soil health is at the heart of sustainable productive farms. The absence of harmful agrichemical sprays increases soil microbe activity and optimises plant health.
  3. Beneficial Insect, Fungi & Bacteria Protection
    • With organic farming methods the beneficial fungi and bacteria are protected (the good bugs) rather than killed off with pesticides and herbicides. The plants remain naturally resilient to fungal disease and insect attack (bad bugs).
  4. Consumer Benefits / Low SO2
    • Organic eliminates agrichemical residues in wine, meaning you don’t consume them. Organic certification on labels is your only guarantee of this.
  5. No GMOs
    • Genetically modified plants and farming inputs are prohibited in certified organic wine production. GMO crops are being shown to hold onto residual herbicides and whilst the jury is still out it’s probably not something you want to be putting into your body in too much quantity if at all.

Biodynamic is a term first used by Austrian philosopher Rudolph Steiner in the early 1990s. It describes a holistic approach to agriculture, involving the management of farms as total systems, less reliant on external inputs.

Any biodynamic farm must first comply with organic rules. Where biodynamic principles principles and prescribe homeopathic preparations are part of the farming program, then the term biodynamic is used.

Eliminate the Hangovers in your life…

Sulphur Dioxide (SO2 shown on wine labels as additives 220, 223 or 224) is added to wines by winemakers as a preservative to avoid spoilage – 1 in 100 people react to sulphur with migraine, hangover symptoms and possible skin irritations.

In general Organic winemakers in Australia use much much less sulphur that non-organic wines so they are much less likely to give you a hangover – or you can just drink a lot more before you’ll feel the effects.

Many Organic winemakers have now mastered 100% sulphur free wines. If you are looking to try some these in the Hunter Valley we recommend taking a visit to Tamburlaine Organic Wines or Macquariedale Organic Wines.

Not all wine is just grape juice…

Fining is the finishing process for wine that takes out the bitterness from any seeds, stalks and skins that get caught up in the grape crushing. Traditionally winemakers have used animal proteins derived from eggs, milk, fish and gelatine to ‘purify’ wine – some even use a petrochemical to do it!

There is an alternative and Organic winemakers are at the forefront of developing and committing to vegetable based fining agents to ensure the product tastes and looks fantastic. Look out for wines that declare they are vegan friendly and you’ll be on the right track.

PS. Nan encourages the responsible service and consumption of alcohol even when organic wines might mean that certain people can drink more it without the risk of serious hangovers.

Thanks to Tamburlaine for the facts and to Macquariedale for leading our next Organic Winemaker’s Dinner on the 2nd September  – get your tickets now.

Christmas in July Dinner

Nan's Christmas Party#madewithlove

Our July’s Winemakers Dinner on Saturday 1st July 2017 is going to be a bit different; rather than have just one local Winemaker we will be celebrating many.

It’s Christmas in July and you’ll be treated to a festive menu featuring a selection of fabulous local wines hand picked by us; Matty & Jimmy Kerr.

The boys will personally introduce each dish using locally sourced produce and share some of their favourite local wines matched to each plate.

Canapés will be paired with Mulled Wine on the deck at 6.45pm.

You’ll then enjoy…

  • House Cured & Smoked Salmon with Wasabi Cream
  • Little Hill Farm Roast with all the Trimmings
  • Sirloin Steak with Béarnaise Sauce & Duck Fat Potatoes
  • Mince Pie with Homemade Christmas Pudding Ice Cream

Each course will feature a generous tasting of two perfectly matched wines. We love vegans and can cater for any dietary requirements just let us know when you book.

Places are strictly limited so please book now to avoid disappointment. It’s $109 per person including canapés, four courses, matched wines throughout, tea or coffee to finish and unlimited sparkling or filtered water with your meal.

We look forward to seeing you there xxx

Book Now

We are back…


This is an apology to our regular customers and any first time guests that dined with us between 9th May and 8th June 2017.

We took some time out from the restaurant for a honeymoon and to attend a family wedding in the US. Unfortunately the leadership team that we left behind did not do us proud.

We are aware that some of the food was not up to standard and that on particular days customer service was unfortunately not a pleasant experience. You have our sincerest apologies.

We have exited a number of staff from the business and we are both now back out front with customers and in the kitchen creating deliciousness with our professional and loyal team.

Rest assured that next time you visit Nanna Kerr’s you can expect 5 Star service and exceptional food, made with love and as organic as we reasonably deliver at a decent price.

We have tweaked our opening hours to ensure that we maintain the high standards that Nan demands and are now open from 9am to 4pm 7 days a week for breakfast, brunch, lunch and all day High Teas.

Dinner is private functions only. We ask for a minimum of 12 guests and a maximum of 50 with 72 hours notice required. We design a menu around your personal favourite tastes and the seasonal produce we have available. It’s served family style; canapés and four courses. Please contact us for more information.

We highly recommend booking on Saturdays and Sundays to avoid disappointment.

And please if you’ve had a great experience at Nan’s do let TripAdvisor, Facebook Reviews and Google know.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Love & Gratitude

Matty & Jimmy Kerr


Green Water now available at Nan’s


Just like the gorgeous souls at Vestal Water the Nanna Kerr’s Kitchen team wanted to do something about the waste associated with single use beverage containers (we sell a lot of sparkling water dark green glass bottles).


Antoine Marie Jean-Baptiste Roger, comte de Saint-Exupéry was a French writer, poet, aristocrat, journalist, and pioneering aviator said “Perfection is not achieved when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

This very simple but eloquent statement beautifully encompasses Vestal’s philosophy ‘to provide an alternative that leaves no waste’ and that’s why we’ve chosen them as our new chilled, filtered water partner.

Vestal was immaculately conceived from a background of innovation driven by environmental, social and economic sustainability in 2008 across the water in Tasmania.

The company founders’ chose Vestal as a brand name and it stems from the Roman priestesses of Vesta, who unfortunately undertook a vow of chastity, but among their important responsibilities were two ritual tasks; drawing water from a sacred spring and keeping the eternal flame burning.

Vestal systems currently eliminate the use of  over 4 million single-use water bottles each year and Nanna Kerr’s Kitchen is delighted to be adding to that as of today.

All our customers can now enjoy unlimited quantities of chilled, filtered sparkling or still water for just $5 per person.

Oh yeah and we got draught beer fitted at the same time :-).