About Nanna Kerr’s


Nanna Kerr’s Kitchen is a story of passion and love created by Matty & Jimmy Kerr (nee Wright).

When we first met one of our early conversations was about the type of business that we would run together and we quickly landed on a family feel restaurant; indulgent when it needs to be, healthy when it wants to be and a place filled with love.

Nanna Kerr’s is the first iteration in series of ideas that we want to launch under the Kerr’s Organic brand to make certified organic food affordable and accessible for as many people that want to make good choices around the fuel they feed themselves and their families and have a GREAT time eating.

In a delightful vineyard setting that would make any Nanna proud you’ll be treated to first class service (with a Nanna cuddle if you want one) accompanied by traditional crockery and crochet blankets for outside diners during the cooler months.

Just a 20 minute drive from the restaurant we have Leaflee as a Bed & Breakfast.

Enjoy xxx

5 thoughts on “About Nanna Kerr’s

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  2. A heart warming family feel to this place. I’m so happy my partner suggested to go here. The food was delicious. Thank you for a lovely lunch!


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