Don’t be scared…

Nan's Christmas Party#madewithlove (2)

On Saturday 31st October at Nanna Kerr’s we will be hosting a fancy dress dinner; $45 for two courses, $55 for three courses and a host of terrifyingly terrific treats (includes glass of bubbles and nibbles for the table on arrival and tea or coffee).

The menu for the week all has a spooky twist…

Something light, to start or to share

  • Bogieman Soup with Garlic Fangs $11 (Asparagus & Zucchini) [Vegan]
  • Heart Pate topped with ‘blood wine jelly’ & pickled vegetarian $15 (Chicken Liver & Heart Pate with house pickles)
  • Witches Broomsticks with Herb & Garlic Butter $11 (Asparagus) [Veg]
  • Hannibal’s Liver & Onions with Toasted Sourdough and Slow Roast Tomatoes $11
  • Melon Eye Balls & Cured Flesh $12 (Melon & Blueberries with Garlic & Fennel Salami)
  • Smashed Green Witch with Seedy Toast $11 (Guacamole & Sourdough) [Veg]
  • Cheese Plate, Chilli Jam & more pickled vegetarians $19 (Hunter Gold & Aged Cheddar)
  • Frittata with House Salad $22 [Veg]


  • Silence of the Lamb Stew, Minted Cous Cous & House Salad $26
  • Roast Pork Belly Sliders (3), Vampire Relish with Scaryslaw $23 (Beetroot & Orange, Coleslaw)
  • Dracula’s Pie $25 (Bio-dynamic organic beef & slow cooked beetroot)
  • ‘The Birds’ Pie $22 (Baby Chicken Curry Pie)
  • Roast Roadkill Chicken Salad with Spinach, Pumpkin, Pickled Cauliflower & Pinenuts $25
  • Little Bo Peep’s Lamb Chops & Roasted Carrots $27
  • Sinners’ Scotch Steak (Maple Syrup & Chilli Marinade) with Kimchi, Rocket & Balsamic Beetroot Salad $32
  • Buttered Ghost & Onions $7 (Turnip & Potato Gratin)
  • Buttered Ghoulish Greens $7 (Mixed Kale & Cabbage with Toasted Sesame Seeds)
  • Spicy Deep Fried Flesh $7 (Sweet Potato & Auntie Janey’s Salt & Pepper Mix)

Sweet Tooth

  • Mashed Ghost $13 (Mixed Berry Semifreddo with Almonds & Muscat) 
  • Chocolate Coffin & Cream $13 (Chocolate Brownie)
  • Clockwork Orange $13 (Caramelised Oranges & Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream)
  • Vampire Caramel Apple $13

Be careful when you come to the kitchen this week and expect to be surprised… #madewithlove

What do you think?

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